Military aircraft

The eariest application is 1950's when titanium was first designed into the Douglas X-3

Stiletto. if then it was widely used in military programs. And Today titanium has also

been designed into ballistic applications on a global basis.tani

Then how much titanium will be used for a plane? For example: a Boeing 747 aircraft will

reach 35 tons of titanium. Russian Su -27ck, with 8 tons of titanium, The F/A 22 is the true

sense of the fourth generation fighter in the world. A F/A - 22 using titanium reached 36

tons of amazing. Accounted for 41% of the total weight.


First titanium accounted for approximately 9% of the weight of a military aircraft to now

90% , F44, F-22, F53,SR-71 in USA, S35, T50, SU-35 in Russian,  and J-10,J-11,J-20

 in China. So then you could image how much titanium will be used for a plane.

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