Other chemical area: 


The amide, maleic anhydride, propylene, acetone, terephthalic acid, acetaldehyde, many chemical products , titanium is widely used in these products production equipment, mainly used titanium plate and titanium pipe for the reactor, and a connecting pipeline 


FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES-Plants are constantly reviewing their  equipment and the costs associated with the titanium equipment to reducing downtown and maintenance costs. 


DESALINATION-In many parts of the world, a large percentage of drinking water comes from flash desalination.  Titanium fits extremely well in multi-stage evaporation plants due to the corrosion and  erosion properties.  Titanium is also very cost competitive in the condensers of these plants  because of the corrosion properties allow a thinner walled tube than the copper-nickel tubing and the titanium tube life-span is virtually  unlimited.

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