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1, When you need choose Titanium metal instead of steel, aluminum, and magnesium?

CP titanium is silvery-white metal, the density is 4.54g/cm3, it is 43% lighter than steel, and is little heavy than famous magnesium. Its mechanical property is similar with steel, but two times than aluminum, five times than magnesium. Titanium

is higt temperature resistence, its melt point is 1942K, it is 1000K higher than gold, and 500K higher than steel.

Call us when you don't know what kind of titanium metal do you need.


2, According to the market, where are titanium metal mainly used for?

Now titanium metal are widely used for many industries, like 3D printing, jet engines, bicycles, aircraft frames, golf clubs, artificial hips & knees, automotive components, wheel chairs, heat exchangers, dental implants, eye glass frames,automotive ehaust systems, motorcycle parts, ship shell, oil equipment, water treatment equipment, colating and plating anode,tank, pressure vessel, etc.

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