Ocean Engineering

Offshore oil mining equipment always contact with the medium Sulfides, ammonia, chlorine in seawater and crude oil.

Because of titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, so in the early of 1970s, the United States made pillar of offshore oil platform by titanium,, also manufacturing the titanium pipe heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger.

Titanium drilling weight is only half of the stainless steel pipe but with twice flexibility as stainless steel, and life is 10 times of stainless steel, there are several American companies used the titanium drill in offshore oil production in 2000 .

Titanium is not just used on major commercial/military ships, but it is  found in various applications on fishing boats, deep sea submersibles and submarines.   Titanium has been designed into marine applications when engineers are looking for low maintenance costs and  reduced fuel consumption (due to weight reduction), to go along with the outstanding metallurgical properties associated with the metal.

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