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1) Raw materials are purchased from qualified manufacturer with original certificate


2) All production process are supervised by QC department against ISO 9001:2000 in factory


3) Finished products to be tested in laboratory according to primary standard such as ASTM, ASME, AMS, ISO etc., or customer's specific requirement


4) Quality certificate along with goods or to be provided separately by mail/email. Certificates are traceable in our production records. All our products are traceable from ingot to finial wire, bar, sheet and tube.


5) If materials failed in inspection / in use after dispatch, replacement will be supplied in soonest. Purchased goods could be returned at our costs. Payment could be refunded if customer won't accept the replacement.


Tension testing as per ASTM E8 

Below is 100 % ultrasonic inspection acc. to AMS 2631

Dimension                 AMS 2631B

dia6.35~12.7            class AA

dia12.7~38.10          class A1

dia38.10~152.40       class A

dia>152.40               class B


For the military use and medical use titanium products, we will control the microstructure:  alpha-beta phases to ETTC2 clasee A1---A3

Dia.6.35-28.58mm A1;

Dia.53.98-100mm A3


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